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 American Values, The Hidden Truth

From the Series
 "The Other Side of the Coin"

L. J. White

The " American Values " are numerous perhaps too many to cover here but we'll give it a good try.  I think it is proper to start with the "Undeniable Right to Freedom", sounds good doesn't it?.  First of all, are we " Free "?;........Or, have we abused freedom?.  Under undeniable right to freedom come a host of issues such as privacy, free press, political freedom, free enterprise the list is long and probably boring.  First, the answer to above questions are, no and yes.  As time marches on we are loosing our freedom, an almost imperceptible evolution.  Our Social Security number was implemented hopefully for different reasons; .......Was it indeed?. 

This SS number, now reminisce of a concentration camp tattoo, is as far as I am concerned, private.   However not so, it is now a way of not only the Government finding you but private industry as well.  Just by punching a few numbers into a logical idiot your whole life is exposed, credit, tax debt if any, etc.  Do you realize without that number you no longer exist;............Freedom, right?

Years ago the Seat Belt Law came into effect to my amazement.  Don't get me wrong, I wear and believe in seat belts, I do not believe it should be law.  The Seat Belt Law, although a good law, is an infringement on privacy and undermines freedom.  If we were to get hurt by not wearing seat belts we would hurt ourselves and no one else, therefore, it is our right to wear them or not.  Lots of people do not agree but in principle it is an invasion of privacy.

On a passage from the Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico known as the Mona Passage I received a call on my radio on board.  The US Coastguard insisted on boarding my vessel in Dominican waters and inclement weather with seas of over 20 feet and breaking, for a............."Safety Inspection"!!!!.  No, I did not refuse, I should have though.  The so called inspection was an attack on my freedom and safety, obviously with ulterior motives and great cost to the taxpayers.  These boarding are frequent and many captains have complained for the same reasons, some call the US Coast Guard the  " Water Nazis ".  

The department of HRS is another example of the "Ulterior Motive Syndrome".   With the seemingly valid excuse of social help they are responsible for the now endanger species "Parents".  This freedom stripping, useless machine can literally take your children from you on their word as they invade your privacy.  There is a difference between "Child Abuse" and a sometimes much needed  "Discipline".   By indiscriminately interfering with parental authority, parent respect is lost and so is freedom.  If we took the time to look at the many laws and regulations now in place it would be reasonably easy to depict the many that infringe on freedom.

 What about the abuse of freedom?  Have we taken freedom for granted and openly abuse it?

I'm afraid that unfortunately we have indeed abused freedom.  Actually, we have desecrated freedom to new heights.  Just because we have freedom of expression does not mean we have the right to pollute our children with, violence, sex and sick TV programming like, The Simpson's or Married With Children;  What ever happened to Cinderella?.  The abuse of freedom has led us to a foreign policy that is quite questionable.  When we interfere with other nation's sovereignty we are abusing our freedom simply by imposing our set of beliefs upon an independent Society.   Who died and left us God anyway?.  We simply choose the " National Security ", now wore out, excuse to achieve our goal, regardless.

Our interpretation of  "Free Enterprise" is a classic example of freedom abuse.  Advertising's open and subliminal manipulation is repugnant and an insult to the intelligence.   Next time you are watching the "Boob Tube" turn off the sound, if you have a brain cell working I guarantee you'll laugh.    "Free Enterprise" is becoming "Fraudulent Enterprise" as entrepreneurs abuse this precious freedom and stretch it to the limit.  Do I need say more?;......I could you know.

Other "American Values" of less magnitude are open to scrutiny some are becoming an institution.  Try "Keeping Up With the Jones's", everybody claims they don't, but they do.  Some could theoretically see the keeping up attitude as a stressful, useless aberration.  Could it be that "Keeping Up With The Jones's" is but an excuse for our instilled sense of greed?. 

Family values with the help of "Woman's Lib" and HRS are mutating rapidly.  No longer does little "Benjamin" comes home after school to a warm atmosphere and a loving, caring and inquisitive Mom.  Instead he gets the key from under the rug, dashes in turning on the stereo full blast, hard rock of course. He quickly turns the corner and scoops Dad's X rated video simultaneously dialing  his friends on the portable phone reminding them to bring the "Grass", the Party is about to begin.  In the meantime Mom is absorbed in a very important meeting, taking place over a drink at a fancy bar near the executive headquarters, looking very sensual, her career depends on it, she is doing this for Benjamin's future of course.  Daddy is working late at the office, right, and wont be home early enough to go to Benjamin's play at school …..who is he with?; .......Are you getting my drift?. 

These are the now the predominant family values, yes values.  Even though there are constant complaints don't let it fool you, they love every second of it, including Benjamin of course.

These so called values have infected and affected mankind over the past few years more than ever before. With the inevitable Globalization phenomenon, which I am sure, it is being used to the maximum to spread the values and much more the whole world is getting a taste of what these values are all about.

What they don't know back in the states is that many nations recent the constant intrusions and abuses the US Foreign Policy offers.  Furthermore, the average citizen in the good old USA is not even conscious of what is happening.   I would recommend that anyone that reads this article, instead of using the "Immediate Rejection Syndrome", takes the time to think about it and perhaps do a little research 'cause otherwise they would be totally missing…

"The Other Side of the Coin"

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