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Educational Nightmare

From the Series
 "The Other Side of the Coin"

L. J. White

If you were fortunate enough to attend College or perhaps a University, lets say in the past twenty-five years or so, I'm afraid you are one of the lucky few enduring the disgraceful, utterly inadequate and now dangerous so-called  School System.   Back in the early sixties, when arriving in the States at the age of twelve, I was first introduced to the American Educational System.  Although far inferior to European patterned institutions, problems that are so overwhelming today were not apparent then.  I can remember, to a certain extent, an atmosphere of respect, Morning Prayer and a half-adequate Dress Code.   Academically, throughout my Elementary, Junior High and High School years I was quite  bored.  The courses and curriculum were not only narrow minded but fell short of what I was used to before arriving.  The ultimate thing was smoking cigarettes or having an occasional beer, never was I exposed or heard of drugs.  What are the youth of today facing?  Why the rapid deterioration of one of the most important institution a Country can have?.  Do parents realize the mind warping curriculum and  horrifying environment their children spend a large percentage of time in?  

Abolishment of prayer, irrational relaxation of the Dress Code and  Busing are a few reasons responsible for what we are experiencing today.  That's not all though, the curriculum plays an equally important role.  The percentage of  Dropouts  grew over the past decades to staggering and unacceptable levels.  Crime, of all sorts, is abundant on school grounds rendering many virtually unsafe.  Drug usage and Drug Traffic is a common occurrence, quite often in the classroom.  Student behavior goes  unchecked  and teachers have been " Reconditioned " to disregard, accept and, believe it or not, sometimes encourage sub standard values.  A few years ago I went to the Junior High School my son was enrolled in, I was totally embarrassed.  Actually, I could not carry a conversation in the hallway with the Principal, the noise and screaming would not allow.  I expected this individual to bring the situation under control, to my amazement and disbelief he did nothing.  As I left frustrated I noticed the flag was not raised, instead just laying on the pavement, it was ten in the morning; No excuse. 

Academic subject matter In the American School System is unacceptable by Global Standards.   History, with the role of providing students a wide outlook of the world, has evolved into a self indulging story, closely resembling a legend, labeled by the system,  History.  American History is a joke, smartly manipulating and distorting historical facts.  Social Science and related subjects are saturated with subliminal  statements intentionally "Conditioning" our youth into a set of beliefs and   conforming attitude containing bigoted moral values.  The brainwashing techniques designed into the academic programs are very obvious but unfortunately go undetected by the interested parties, the parents.  After all, most parents were students once, not too long ago, taught basically the same way.   Why should they object?   Many students openly complain about the curriculum, conditions and abuse by other students and teachers, often rebelling out of utter frustration earning them the title of        " Undesirable Behavior Problem" by the faculty.  The teaching of indispensable values such as, morals, social conduct etc. is virtually non-existent, that important task delegated to the parent.  However, sex education is a most revered subject. 

The School System position as to discipline and moral-social education is questionable.  Teachers are entrusted with the student's academic education but equally as important their social edification.  I have heard more than once of educators claiming not to implement disciplinary measures for fear of legal reprisal from the parent.  This sort of attitude, now the norm, is a  cheap attempt to evade professional responsibility.  Any reasonably educated parent can easily realize academic knowledge is only part of the educational process.  Teaching moral and social values is of equal if not more importance.  How can a responsible teacher openly evade the undeniable responsibility of teaching moral-social values?  Blaming the parent has become the " Escape Goat "and a nightmare for the parent.  Some children themselves are smart and devious enough to take advantage of the situation.   Countless parents loose discipline at home as their chidden blackmail them;  " I'll just tell my teacher and call HRS."............Cute.  So, the Educational System won’t teach values, morals etc., but they can certainly interfere with parental discipline at home, it doesn't make sense.........................or does it?   Without going into detail, I am fully convinced HRS., is an almost useless, counterproductive government department undermining and disrupting home discipline and values, plagued with an abundance of incapable and maladjusted personnel.

The US Government have to many departments and systems but none as important and vital to our Nation's real security and future as the Educational System; No, not even the Military or Social Security, Medicare included.  What is happening to parents in America, don't they care enough who is, or what is being taught to their offspring?  Have we become so relaxed and dependent on the " System ", accepting it without question?  Is it not our responsibility to safeguard our children best interest?  I refuse to believe that parents do not care, it is simply not possible.  Furthermore, I will not accept the theory that we have become so complacent, a nice word for lazy, to the degree of knowingly sending our children to a damaging environment every day.   Why buy the excuse;  " I can't afford a private school", it just will not stick.  Don't forget we pay school taxes to ensure an excellent education for our children.  The Educational System is a catastrophe and a national tragedy.    The entire chain of command, from the superintendents to the faculties of the many schools, have become an embarrassment and extremely poor representatives of their profession.  I would never attack a system and the professionals involved so strongly if the youth of our Nation were not being literally destroyed by the System.

For the past thirty-five years the decline of America as a Nation is very apparent to all of us......Or is it?    Over the same period of time we have witnessed the undeniable deterioration of our Educational System.   Many American parents are themselves products of a twisted system.  Young Americans are in many ways leading this great Nation.  My question is; where are they leading us?   How can educationally, morally  narrow minded individuals make the right choices?   I firmly believe in the separation of church and state but that has nothing to do with the teaching of social conduct and values.  Furthermore, if we believed so much in such a separation: Isn’t about time we deleted " In God We Trust" from our currency?  A wide-view, unbiased academic curriculum is vital to our Nation.  A curriculum designed to educate our children not only in reference to our Country but the whole world as well.   Even with excellent academic programs, not teaching upright social and moral values will lead the Nation to failure.   Real values and morals are "Universal", the so-called American Values are to say the least, superficial.  Our shortsighted, self-glorifying approach to education will in time be responsible for the inevitable fall.  

It is a known fact that formative years are the most important, where values and morals are set, teaching these intangibles in school is a must.   Parents alone at home cannot do the job especially with the School System virtually destroying the home environment and discipline.  Just about all the crime we see or hear these days can be attributed to the issue of Education; Cant’ we see that?  If proper values and social-conduct were taught in American schools would we see the drug and sex problems of today?   If real history was part of the curriculum maybe our children could begin to see what happened to Rome and most importantly, why.   American history could educate our youth as to the reality of our Nation's past, not a self-glorifying fantasy, allowing them to correct the future.  Maybe our kids would not ask for " Nikees" or demand their freedom at the age of ten or earlier if they were taught properly at school.   I have traveled extensively and never met anywhere any creature that even closely resembles "The American Brat".   Why?   Are we proud of raising academically and morally deficient offspring?  I think a better question is; Are we aware of what our  Educational System  is teaching our children?;........  I certainly hope not.

Unfortunately many so-called values have been ingrained deeply into our society, too many to cover in a short article, some are not even considered values to begin with.   As a whole, we believe a Nation based on  Obsolesce is OK;  Ever heard of or used a disposable camera?   We are taught that to be sociably accepted we need to have at least one thousand square feet of living space and a two-year-old car, no older; those are minimum requirements, of course.   The importance we place on "Making Money" is like an obsession.  Maybe that is why "In God We Trust " still remains on the "All Mighty" dollar.  We claim and hear all the time of our concern for the world and how we help other nations in need.   The truth is we do not really care and we rarely help unless there is bucks for us, if you do not believe me, get a real education.    These and many more so-called values are reinforced in our School System and the teaching of real values completely forgotten.  Who is responsible for this more or less two and one half century old evolution turned into a horrible mutation we call The American Way? ................have you considered the simple answer, "ourselves".

The base of our problems today can be traced to our  Educational System  and the way it has betrayed our Nation.  As American citizens, parents or not, putting our head in the sand  wont make matters better.  Ignorance, not a derogatory word, is our only excuse since we are not properly educated to begin with.  Seeking the unadulterated knowledge is our responsibility toward our youth.   Only when we realize our deficient overall education can we decide and agree to fix the horrifying  Educational System.   If all of the sudden we developed a taste for learning and understanding other civilizations, cultures and social behavior both now and in the past we might stand a chance.  However if we are so stupid, not ignorant, as to remain in the path we are now in........ Well, I guess, we never will see 

" The Other Side of the Coin ". 

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