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"Less than 1.5 Billion Seconds; It's that ALL?"

From the Series
 "The Other Side of the Coin"

L. J. White

I hear people, intellectuals and scholars speak and write all the time concerning the issue of our resources and how precious they are. On television, the Internet and the radio we also get bombarded with the same theme.  "We need to protect our natural resources", they tell us, "let's not waste our water", "conserve energy", "we are going to run out of oil", the list goes on and on.

Large and small enterprises constantly take an interest in "Human Resources"; there are whole departments dedicated to the issue.  They are considered one of the most important resources, of course this is very true, without them there would be absolutely nothing at all, we simply would not exist.

However, I do not hear too much about time, I wonder why, it happens to be one element very often overlooked when it comes to resources.  Is it considered a resource?  Truthfully, I do not have the faintest idea, but if it isn't one, we are out on left field somewhere.  I would venture to say, that as far as I am concerned, it is the most valuable resource at our disposal as human beings.  We do not even have a full understanding of the concept of time itself. 

Many books have been written about the management of time and how to make the most out of it. Do they really address the time issue correctly?  Well, I guess that to some degree they do and perhaps there might be some written material, which I have not seen nor read, that can put the concept of time in an understandable form without having to get as deep as Einstein's Theory of Relativity and other related material.

Ok, just think of living a full and healthy life until the age of seventy-five, that's a fair figure.  This gives you about 2.5 billion seconds of existence (2,368,440,000.00 seconds, plus or minus a few) on this tiny planet, that is not a lot of seconds.  Compared to money, "the all mighty dollar", 2.5 billion is but a drop in the bucket for large corporations or national budgets.  There are quite a few billionaires in the world today you know.

Let's take into account our conscious time, this is simple to figure out.  Your first three years of life do not count, simply because most of us tend to forget them, so take away about 9.5 million seconds, well that's not a lot.   Add to that our sleep time, based on eight hours a day, I know people who sleep more, this means that your capital just decreased by about 788.5 million seconds, that is a big chunk. 

My God!!, I'm not showing a profit here I only have left 1.48 billions seconds left.  Of course that is considering I get to live to be 75, do not loose my marbles at 60 or so, get hit by a train at 40 or die of a heart attack caused by stress after reading all the books about time management. Needless to say, I must stay away from the corporate world and not join the "Human Resource Department".   This is just to give you an idea of our "Conscious Time" element.

Without taking into consideration the amount of time needed for our biological necessities, which depending on the individual can be considerable, we do not have a lot of seconds left; do we know?

Now, the big question is…….

"Just how precious is time as a personal resource and how do we manage it?"

Well, all things considered it happens to be an extremely important "Personal Resource" and the way we manage it, or better put, the way we are "conditioned to manage it" might just be entirely wrong.  Let's sit down with a simple calculator and instead of figuring out our budget or our profit margins do a few calculations much more meaningful.  Seriously, if we are intelligent beings at all, less than 1.5 billion precious seconds are worth budgeting right.  Let's use our "time" wisely, and for our own sake let's not miss...

"The Other Side of the Coin"

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March 03, 2003

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