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There is a country………

L. J. White

From the Series
©"The Other Side of the Coin"

There is a country where crime, corruption, drugs and so many evils of society are widespread.  It is made up of many different ethnic groups, so many; it would be hard to mention all of them, it is literally a "Melting Pot" of races.  There is a country where abuse and discrimination ran unchecked until recently, even today is very much present amongst its people, a nation, where moral values are being questioned by many foreign societies and also by their own people.  Presidents have been assassinated; children were massacred in schools by their own piers. It went trough a civil war many years ago that took thousands upon thousands of lives………

Human right violations are common place and, more than likely it ranks amongst the highest consumers of illegal substances, not to mention organized crime and juvenile delinquency…….I don't believe I need to go on, if you have not guessed by now what country I am referring to you "missed the boat".

But let no one make a mistake!! This nation is the "envy of the world", and it shows even from friend and allies.  Have you ever wondered why?  It really is not hard to figure out.

As a democracy it is, as close as you can get to a perfect model, as we know democracy today, and we all know it is not by any means perfect.  Their foundation stone is based, among other values, on equality, freedom and justice.  It is "indivisible" and this fact, so far, has been proven through its not too long history.  The liberties and rights of the people, much denied in so many parts of the world, are part of the basic way of life and instilled in every citizen.  Laws protecting the rights of expression, consumer rights, social security, the right to a fair and speedy trial are only but a few, there are really too many too mention….I would bore you.

Furthermore, the vast majorities of the citizens not only respect the law, but also are very much aware of their "responsibilities in a democratic society".  This you do not see happening in too many places, I would call it "Law and Order".

Through every crisis they confronted, as a "united society", managed to find the courage and the ability to resolve it, with little or no help from any other nation.  Yet, it has throughout history helped many nations without any retribution except criticisms.  Still today, after the events of the 11 of September of 2001, I would like to know who are joining in the grief and truly helping this great nation beat the greatest threat to man "terrorism", the evolution and a byproduct of "communism", actually very few…… what a hell of a shame.

I for one, have had the privilege of in my prior articles be very critical of this country I am referring to, try that where you live.  Maybe many of you do not appreciate what I had to say in these very few lines in defense of the greatest and most humane nation in the world, "The United States of America", if that is the case I feel very sorry for you because, my friend, you truly more than missed……….

"The other side of the Coin"

November 12, 2001

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