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Sharing Development to Reinforce Global Security

APEC Business Advisory Council ABAC

The Entire text is in PDF & ZIP format. To read them you must have  Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it, you can download from here. 

[Sharing Development to Reinforce Global Security PDF & ZIP]

His Excellency President Vicente Fox Quesada
President of Mexico
Chair, Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation 2002

Dear Mr. President:

On behalf of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), we are honoured to present you with the 2002 ABAC Report to APEC Leaders.

In the last year, the foundations of the world economy have been shaken by cowardly terrorist attacks and unprecedented corporate scandals. In these times of dramatic change, APEC must band together to ensure a stable and prosperous future for all of our citizens. We must remain vigilant in the face of adversity and APEC has a historic opportunity to lead the global community back onto the road of security, peace and prosperity. For these reasons, ABAC has chosen “Sharing Development to Reinforce Global Security” as its theme for 2002.

We applaud the APEC Leaders for their courage and vision in bringing us to the halfway point towards Bogor. The road ahead presents significant challenges. Therefore, APEC must reenergize itself to build the momentum necessary to ensure we stay on track. As the voice of the business sector in APEC, ABAC has a significant role in this process.

In 2001, ABAC modified its work schedule and presented a “Pre-Report to Ministers”. The purpose of the Pre-Report was to increase ABAC’s interaction with ministers and introduce the views of the private sector in the APEC process in a more timely fashion. This Report puts in a wider context the recommendations contained in the Pre-Report.

We are hopeful that the recommendations contained in this Report will lead to specific actions by the respective APEC governments and we look forward to a meaningful dialogue in Los Cabos.

Very truly yours,

Mr. Javier Prieto
ABAC Chair
Senior Vice President of External Affairs

ABAC Co-Chair
Mr. Qin Xiao
China Merchants Holdings Co., Ltd
People’s Republic of China
ABAC Co-Chair
Dr. Viphand Roengpithya
Viptel Co., Ltd.


 [Sharing Development to Reinforce Global Security PDF]

 [Sharing Development to Reinforce Global Security ZIP]

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October 27, 2002


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