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Canadian Foreign Policy for the Americas

Submission to the Hon. Bill Graham
 Minister of Foreign Affairs Foreign
 Policy Review – 2003

The text is in PDF and ZIP format.  You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have it, you can download from here free.

Dear Minister Graham:

There are many challenging questions that arise as you consider the future direction of Canadian foreign policy. You will have to make decisions based on the short term and long term pursuit of Canadian interests and values. At times this means that Canadian policy will be directed at securing direct advantages, frequently in direct competition with other countries, for Canada. At other times, Canadian policies will be supportive of achieving outcomes where Canadian interests may be less visible but where an international public good can be identified.

The formulation and pursuit of Canada’s foreign policy does not take place in a vacuum. Canadian foreign policy is built upon the foundation of our historical relationships and policy priorities. We maintain memberships in a range of multilateral and plurilateral organizations. Different issues call for the deployment of different diplomatic and political instruments. Individual geographic regions are characterized also by different challenges and opportunities. Some issues can have a significant impact on Canadian interests and yet our ability to influence events may be minimal or even non-existent. In other instances, we as a country may be able to bring acknowledged leadership to bear to achieve outcomes that barely touch directly on Canadian interests but in which our efforts may have a dramatic impact in other countries...

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April 07, 2003

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