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A Look at John Collins

 [Index What's Happening in the Caribbean]

is a Caribbean journalist based in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, he is a 31-year resident of the Caribbean, he has lived in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Dominican Republic and St. Marten as well as in Puerto Rico.

visited virtually every state in the region, many of them numerous times, through the years.  As a journalist as well as a former government official he has attended virtually every summit of the CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY since 1985 and numerous  meetings of the ASSOCIATION  of CARIBBEAN STATES, the Africa Caribbean & Pacific Group of States (ACP), the Organization of Caribbean States (OAS), among others.

A former correspondent for the Caribbean bureau of UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL for six years (1978-83), he has contributed to or presently contributes to numerous publications including CARIBBEAN BUSINESS (Puerto Rico), REVISTA INTER FORUM & PYMES DOMINICANAS (D.R.), THE CARIBBEAN INVESTOR (Trinidad), the JAMAICA OBSERVER, the ST. LUCIA STAR and the GRENADIAN VOICE, among others.

His articles are archived and accessible through PuertoRicoWOW, Revista Inter-Forum & [Pymes Dominicanas], the Caribbean Investor (Trinidad),  MANCHESTER TRADE  (Washington), and through the websites of some of the publications to which he contributes.

His Caribbean reportage has been recognized by four awards from the OVERSEAS PRESS CLUB.

Collins was an adviser on CARIBBEAN AFFAIRS to three governors of PUERTO RICO (1985-93) serving under Economic Development Administrator (& later Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico in the U.S. Congress) ANTONIO J. COLORADO in helping develop Puerto Rico’s Section 936 loan program in support of the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI) under which $1.2 billion in financing for projects was provided to 12 states in the region.

He also served as a consultant to Senate President Ruby M. Rouss of the Legislature and Gov. Juan Luis of the  U.S. VIRGIN ISLANDS. He was also elected as a DELEGATE-AT-LARGE to the Fourth Constitutional Convention of the USVI (1979.80)

John served as an adviser on CARIBBEAN AFFAIRS to the governments of Presidents Joaquin BALAGUER and Leonel FERNANDEZ of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC.

Presently serves as a Research Fellow on CARIBBEAN AFFAIRS in the GLOBAL FOUNDATION for Democracy & Development (headed by ex-President Fernandez) in Santo Domingo.

Other career accomplishments he considers memorable are two stints at the UNITED NATIONS as an official of a foundation supporting the UN RELIEF & WORKS AGENCY (UNRWA) for PALESTINIAN REFUGEES (1967-70) and as a conference assistant during the 13th GENERAL ASSEMBLY (1958) under President Charles Malik of Lebanon and later in other functions in the Secretariat.

A veteran of the U.S. AIR FORCE (1952-56), Collins served in Illinois, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Washington, D.C., Germany, Morocco and Libya. 

 [Index What's Happening in the Caribbean]




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